The Dade County Sheriff's Office Road Patrol Division consist of two shifts (A and B), and is lead by Lieutenant David Hughes.
A-shift is lead by Sergeant Chip Geddie, while B-Shift is lead by Sergeant Chip Burrow. Each shift consists of a day shift, a split-shift, and a night shift. The Road Patrol Division of the Sheriff's Office is responsible for many tasks. Almost every call that comes through the Dade County 911 Center initiates the dispatch of a deputy. Those calls can be of any nature, ranging from violent calls, such as armed robberies, murder, aggravated assault, burglary, or domestic violence. Those calls could also be non-violent calls, such as barking dogs, animals in the roadway, or weather related incidents. The Road Patrol deputies respond to all motor vehicle accidents, whether it be on the roadway, or on private property. Road Patrol deputies also assist the Court Services Division with serving and executing warrants. The Road Patrol division also initiates the majority of the offenses that are assigned to the Detective Division. Reportable offenses are documented and submitted to the supervisors for approval, and then sent to the Detective Division if necessary. The Road Patrol Division patrols 175 square miles of roads within Dade County.


Sheriff Cross believes that Road Patrol is the "face" of the Sheriff's Office, and he holds each deputy to a very high standard.



Road Patrol Lieutenant

David Hughes

A Shift Sergeant

 Chip Geddie

B Shift Sergeant

Jeff Hartline