Dear Fellow Dade County Citizens,


I consider it a major privilege to be the Sheriff of this great county. Protecting, and serving, the people of Dade County is such an honor. I believe that we have some of the best Deputies, Investigators, Correction Officers, and Civilian Employees in this area, and their dedication to YOU, is beyond comparison. We strive to provide you the best protection, service, and assistance possible.


The Sheriff’s Office operates with the revenue from your tax dollars and I feel that you are entitled to know how your money is being utilized. From the upkeep of the jail, the security of the courts, to the availability and protection provided by the road officers, you deserve the best law enforcement for your tax dollars, and I am doing everything within my power to make that happen.  Every effort is being made to keep spending down, while providing you with the best service possible.


In the coming months, you will see more deputies in your neighborhoods, especially during the daytime hours, keeping your homes safe while you are at work.  Our drug interdiction team will also be very active on our roadways, using every means available to keep our citizens safe and prevent illegal drugs from entering our county.  Our school resource officers will be very present in our schools, protecting your children and grandchildren.


This web site is maintained by the Dade County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer. It contains information about the department, and its goals and values, as well as sex offender information. Please take a moment to navigate around our page, and see what our department has to offer.



Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross