Chief Deputy

The Chief Deputy of the Sheriff's Office is Major Barry Irwin. .


Some responsibilities of the Chief Deputy include:


1. Directs operational and administrative activities in the Sheriff's Department; supervises patrol operations, corrections, and administrative divisions of the department.


2. Develops, implements, interprets and enforces policies and procedures related to law enforcement services; reviews and makes recommendations related to legislation which would impact the activities of the department; prepares reports concerning management problems and other administrative functions.


3. Plans for utilization of resources and assists in the preparation, administration, and management of the department budget.


4. Coordinates activities with other law enforcement agencies and officers and with federal, state and local law enforcement and corrections agencies in maintaining law and order; develops emergency response plans.


5. Plans and directs development and implementation of programs related to law enforcement activities, including the prevention and investigation of crimes, protection of life and property, care and custody of prisoners, communications, and related activities.


6. Supervises and evaluates staff.


7. Represents the Sheriff at public and civic meetings; represents the Sheriff's Department to the public, community agencies, and other law enforcement agencies.


8. Speaks before groups and boards.

Chief Deputy

Major Barry Irwin